American bar is the oldest bar in Prague and the second oldest in Europe. Its history dates back to the beginning of past century when it was apparently the first significant public place where thoughts from "New World" were reflected.

Therefore, it is no wonder that an influence of American Women Society can be traced down to this Bar which they could visit without being accompanied by men.

Experts for sure notice also the impeccable interior. Black ceramic tiles on pillars create unforgettable atmosphere of Chicago bar from the beginning of this century with a contrasting colorized drawing of Mikoláš Aleš with folk motives.

Bar stools as well as spacious bar with enclosed furnishing are in black color finishing too. The dominant feature is the main ceiling chandelier, stained glass mosaic designed as a wreath, with four diamond cartridges. Chandelier, supplied by Frantisek Krizik, is in the middle field accompanied by a drawing of a heron motif by Mikuláš Aleš.

Circular bar area has an important location in the central axis of the object. Bar was newly designed from black marble with glass side extensions, all according to historical photographs.

The American bar will certainly impress with the unique atmosphere in which you can choose from a wide range of cocktails, spirits or champagne. We truly believe that your evening in American bar will be enjoyable, filled with delicious cocktails prepared by our master bartenders.